Do Not Fix

If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It
How many times have you read or heard the statement in this picture? I kinda feel like putting a big sign on my Voices From The Community page that clearly states Do Not Fix because so far the system I had in place was working. That being said, I’m on LIVE tonight and tomorrow, I’ll post the archived show for your listening pleasu [...]

Sound It Out
I was thinking what to say to you tonight, given that I was planning on coming to you live via Charlotte Community Radio. I can report that today’s sound check worked well and that we’re almost ready to do a full-on live show. Schedules and such prevented everyone from working out the kinks today so we’re fine with giving it [...]

Nothing Like Live

Live On Air
You know that feeling when something you’ve been working on becomes a reality and you see it up in lights? No, not the I want to throw up feeling. The WOW feeling where you get all giddy and stuff inside. On Monday, March 31, 2014, Charlotte Community Radio (CLTCRadio) will be Live On Air via the internet as it begins the beta testing [...]

Gentlemen Of Jazz

photo by Shannon Brinkman
photo by Shannon Brinkman These Gentlemen Of Jazz are coming to Charlotte on Wednesday, March 26th and if I weren’t behind the mic delivering up Voices From The Community, I’d be there. If YOU are in the audience during the Preservation Hall Jazz Band‘s performance at McGlohon Theater, would you kindly send a girl a photo or [...]

Grab A Brush

Melvin's Blank Canvas
At the dawn of each New Year, I think we all look at life and say, “Life! What’s next?” Many of us take time to declare a resolution or better yet, we set intentions. The thing I like most is realizing, throughout the entire year, that life is literally a blank canvas and all any one of us has to do is Grab A Brush and get s [...]

Packing My Bags

Travel Bags by Bridget B.
Love it when a plan comes together! I’m Packing My Bags, some of them anyway, and getting ready to move the show to Charlotte Community Radio where I’ll start live streaming in April. Jazz and international music will remain the focus of this show and hopefully, which is long overdo, I’ll get the chance to produce my public [...]

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