Let Go Of The Shore

Full Moon Photo
PublicdDomainPictures.net Took a quick trip to Black Mountain to get the engagement ring cleaned up and on the way back we saw this gorgeous moon rising up near the airport. Wow! What a beautiful sight to see. It was like it was following us all the way home and once we arrived we quickly got out of the car and gazed at its beauty. Me being M [...]

Look At All The People

Photo of Mural By Cynvia Authur Rankin
Mural By Cynvia Authur Rankin – Salisbury Circa 1900 It’s fascinating to see a mural with so many stories jumping out of it. So many parts with a full sense of the whole. Look At All The People in this one, a depiction of Salisbury, North Carolina circa 1900, by Cynvia Authur Rankin. Look at how each part or section that your eyes [...]

What Can I Do

Take Action Image
Hard decisions that affect segments of society move people to Take Action. Destructive action is not considered the best approach when there are several ways to be constructive and productive. We must be aware that often times things that require a solution affect us all rather than any one individual. What Can I Do to bring about change? Gl [...]

Strength Courage Confidence

Women's Entrepreneurship Day Image
Women’s Entrepreneurship Day #WED launched today at the United Nations in New York City and what a great event it was to watch via UN WebTV. So many leaders from around the world joined together to give us Strength, Courage and Confidence to move forward as women business owners. “You gain strength, courage and confidence by every expe [...]

Not Feeling Great

Out Sick Today Image
It happens! Sometimes the body tells you it’s time to take a break and you gotta listen to it. I do want to leave you with some music that I would be listening to live if one, I didn’t have a show on Wednesday night and two, if I wasn’t Out Sick Today! Matuto Music should be in performance mode right about now over at The E [...]

What’s Your Opinion

Canvas On Wall, Don’t Be Afraid
Has anyone ever asked What’s Your Opinion on one thing or another? More importantly, when asked did you respond or did fear take over. In my younger years, I remember very clearly how I would start to speak up about something and before I could even get a full sentence out, someone would cut me off to tell me that I didn’t know wh [...]

Several Ways To Listen

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