Beat The Drum

A Matsuriza Taiko Drummer
Beat The Drum to celebrate, inspire excitement or to mark the edge of a villages territory. There’s an African drum called The Djembe used ceremonial and it dates back to 500 A.D.. The Taiko drum, believed to be introduced between 300-900 CE, was considered a practical tool with military use that included coded messages sent over long d [...]

Who Fathered Radio? Image of the National Radio Day Stamp
It’s National Radio Day again and I have one question. Did you listen to the radio today? I stopped turning on my car radio several years ago because of repetitive playing by multiple commercial stations. It wasn’t until I got close to a city that had jazz or a college station that played an eclectic mix of music like Skidmore Co [...]

John Shaughnessy In The Spotlight

John M. Shaughnessy II - Photo Credit Steve Moore 2014
John M. Shaughnessy II – Photo Credit Steve Moore 2014 Tonight’s Voices From The Community features my Spotlight Series. This past Sunday, I sat outside the Shoppes at University with Charlotte bassist John M Shaughnessy II and some geese. We sat RiverFront side and chatted about circuit bending, master musicians, the [...]

Walk On The Grass

Photo of a Red Mushroom
Amanita muscaria Sometimes you just gotta take a break and Walk On The Grass. Whoa Nelly! July had one speed, FAST. Nearly got whiplash with all that activity. Had to sit my little butt down for a minute. Not only did I take time to discover this little beauty during a four mile walk, I took in some live jazz music, enjoyed a new bottle of wi [...]

Charlie “Bird” Parker

Charlie Parker Memorial
Friday night in The Jazz Room, Brian Miller plays Charlie “Bird” Parker. I’ll be there. Will you? Here’s his story. Very much worth watching. No show tonight as I’ve got some website clean up work to do. I’ll be back next week with 2 hours of jazz and international music. Enjoy! Talk to you next Wednesday. [...]

Time For A Facelift

Website Facelift Image
I’ve been thinking about a new look for quite some time and now that my Spotlight Series has been launched, I’m thinkin’ it’s Time For A Facelift. Stay tuned and be sure to bookmark the url for Voices From The Community. It’s a dot co don’tcha know. Enjoy! P.S. I’ll be back tomorrow to update the play [...]

Several Ways To Listen

Look up and press play on one of the previous shows. Open up a blog post, read the entry, view the playlist or listen directly from the audio file. You can also download the audio file and take the show with you. The show can be found here as well:

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