People Are Listening


When I was on the FM dial for three hours every other week over a four year period, I could tell pretty quickly if anyone was listening to the show. The phone usually rang about twenty minutes into the first hour and it was often times a regular listener from Cali. People would call during the show to make requests or tell me if they enjoyed what I was playing. One would call just to tell me that they were an alien from Mars. Um, yeah. That! I even remember the comment a family left at the end of one show: “We moved the coffee table out of the way and danced the night away. The dog too!”

In this podcast, internet only format, I keep wondering if anyone is listening and then I get an email from saxophonist Glenn White from New York City or Miss April will remind me of something that I wrote in one of my posts and how she and Rome were listening.

People Are Listening and it really hit home on Tuesday when Miss Melody stopped to chat about my posts and extended an invitation to chat further. Take a listen to tonight’s show so you can learn more about Glenn White and what I have to say about wondering if anyone is listening.


Voices From The Community with Bridget B. (Download)

WishGlenn White (NYC)/Sacred Machines
Lucidity: Awakening (Nineteen 20 II)Somnambulist Quintet (UK)/The Nightjar Looks On
Flight (part 1) – Time In Transit/Time In Transit
Eye of the HurricaneWestchester Jazz Orchestra/Maiden Voyage Suite
Anthem for One – Time In Transit/Time In Transit
MogokelefataallahyeSolo Dja (Burkina Faso)/Solo Dja Kabako
King Of The SwingersThe Swing Ninjas (UK)/Tears Of The Tuba (The Difficult Second Album)
Road TripReole (UK)/Ya Heard Me
Sauvé Chriss Onac (France)/Bienvenue

Talk to you next Wednesday.
Bridget B.

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