Cee Lo Green

Cee Lo Green w/Trumpet By: Melvin Nix

Cee Lo Green w/Trumpet
By: Melvin Nix

Was it The Voice that inspired him to draw this piece or was it Satchmo? Let’s just say Cee Lo Green and Louis Armstrong go together.

Hanging out at Amelie’s French Bakery is always a treat (pun intended). Not only do you get to immerse yourself in the styles of Paris while inhaling the aroma from all the pastries. Oh wait, I meant to say inhaling the pastries. Okay, now we’re good. You often times will stumble upon some wonderful happenings. I know of a couple that got married there, Mr. Nix and I have listened to jazz and folk music performances and someone mentioned there was a photo booth. I’ll be on the lookout for that one next time.

This one occasion, we stumbled upon a Wednesday night art event. I’m not sure if they still have them in the courtyard, but back in February this piece came to life. It happened after listening to my show Voices From The Community, watching The Voice the Monday following and then partaking of some Amelie’s deliciousness while sitting in the courtyard.

I highly recommend all three.


Voices From The Community with Bridget B. (Download)

Here TodayMSU Professors Of Jazz (Detroit)/Better Than Alright
Old Cinema (Slow Acoustic Ballad Version)Nameless Dancers (Russia)/Morning Touches
ElegyMichael Hackett Quintet (Charlotte)/New Point of View
Rednose District (Benjamin Herman)Benjamin Herman Quartet (Netherlands)/Jazz At The Concertgebouw [Disc 2]
LesgiTurku (Carolinas)/Nomads of the Silk Road Golden Festival 2012
GreyhoundFreestyle Percussion Magik (Spain)/Freestyle Percussion Magik
Pretty Please?Akiko Tsuruga (Japan)/Sakura
The DolphinRon Brendle Trio (US-Charlotte)/Here
Lower EastGlenn White (NYC)/Time In Transit
Best Friends – Michael Hackett Quintet/New Point of View
The SmoothieFortadelis (Croatia)/Higher Perspective
Yellow Brick Road/See the Wizard – Chad Lawson Trio (Charlotte) – 2010 at The McGlohan Theater
Captain HugoHugo ‘Droopy’ Contini (France)/Surpriscording
Harmony DK (Kazakhstan)/Be Yourself Part 2
Touba Afreekanxpress (France)/AFreekanxpress
Yesaiiillee Sebteix (France)/Tout pour le groove
Romance da LesteSistema Asimov de Som (Brazil)/Venda Seu Peixe
Soul time – Sebteix/Tout pour le groove
Scho master4example (Italy)/Jazz confusion
DismissalFabryka/Absolute Balance
Fluteman (Unplugged Studio Jam) – Nameless Dancers and K-Drock/Fluteman
Lefek & Piter – KIPIKASHA [world] – Piter/Piter and Friends

Talk to you next Wednesday.
Bridget B.

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