What’s Your Opinion

Canvas On Wall, Don’t Be AfraidHas anyone ever asked What’s Your Opinion on one thing or another? More importantly, when asked did you respond or did fear take over.

In my younger years, I remember very clearly how I would start to speak up about something and before I could even get a full sentence out, someone would cut me off to tell me that I didn’t know what I was talking about. This plagued me for a large portion of my life to the point where I would shake when I had to speak up for myself or even talk in front of more than a few people. I worked hard to overcome this type of fear and can thank Red Scott for helping me a little. He was the president of a company I worked for and one day he called me into his office and said, “What’s your opinion of…” And my response, “You’re asking me?” Disbelief is fear.

Present day, I often find myself in conversation with someone while hearing full statements in my head, “You don’t know what the hell you are talking about and nobody cares about what you have to say anyway.” Yep! Still a work-in-progress.

Speaking engagements provided a feeling of empowerment because I spoke from years of experience or new the material well enough that I could deliver it up without any concern for what others thought. My radio work and this podcast have definitely given me a platform to speak up, which I plan on doing more of in the coming year. Stay tuned!


Voices From The Community with Bridget B. (Download)
Lonely Woman – Carol Morgan Quartet/Blue Glass Music
Fuga – Jay D’Amico Trio /Tuscan Prelude – Jazz Under Glass
Delightness – Amanda Sedgwick Septet (Stockholm)/Delightness
Maybe I should stay (recreation edit)Daniel Brandell (Sweden)/Brazilian Touch
Samka – Cosmic Analog Ensemble/Fish Fingers
Solidão Gasolina – Curumin (myspace) Brazil/Live on WFMU’s Transpacific Sound Paradise 12/19/2009
Highs & lows – Lucas Calviño/Go
Libertango – Eduardo Tami (Argentina)/Al sur del sur
Agent double zero – Jazzymuté (Bordeaux, France)/Jazzymuté 1
Just do it…every night – ALM (France)/Voyage à l’Ancienne Orléans
Lost Love – Elly Jay/Song In The Silence
Ojos Azules [Andean Traditional] – Bernal/Eckroth/Ennis (NYC) / La Voz De Tres
AmericaCooper-Moore and Assif Tsahar/America

Talk to you next Wednesday.
Bridget B.

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