Look At All The People

Photo of Mural By Cynvia Authur Rankin

Mural By Cynvia Authur Rankin – Salisbury Circa 1900

It’s fascinating to see a mural with so many stories jumping out of it. So many parts with a full sense of the whole.

Look At All The People in this one, a depiction of Salisbury, North Carolina circa 1900, by Cynvia Authur Rankin. Look at how each part or section that your eyes pass by supports the other and how the subtle movement of a young girl’s dress draws you into the motion of the entire piece. Did you notice the depth of field, the road that takes you to the horizon? Did you notice how the grouping off to the left falls into another section of the mural or how the colors from the grass to the blue sky support the liveliness of a city from not too long ago?

As a people, we are parts that make up the whole of our world. With our subtle movements, collective gatherings and colorfulness from new born to senior, we too are part of a mural and in order to have a full sense of the whole, ALL parts must be considered.


Voices From The Community with Bridget B. (Download)
I Love You – Carol Morgan Quartet/Blue Glass Music
A pleno soulCustom Radio (Spain) /Unplugged boulevard del jazz
Why not bluesViktor Séthy (Hungary)/Jazz Standards Piano Trio
What About AprilSaltman Knowles Quintet/Blue Canoe Records Look What The Cats Drum In/The Modern Jazz Stylings of Blue Canoe Records Vol.1
CaballitoSantiago Louvet (Buenes Aires)/Elektrotango Maktub
Tour de FranceFOOL DADAZ FIRE (Paris)/MAIS 69?
BeatnikFive Mix Colors (Spain)/Sketches On The Board
True Strength – Wa Jazz Quintet (Japan)/Natural Things
Passing FieldsQuantum Jazz(Denmark)/End of Line
ImproviJAZZtion by The Flanger SoundJazz Friends(Italy)/Jazz Friends 2012
Last Ray – Blue Canoe Records/The Modern Jazz Stylings of Blue Canoe Records Vol.1
Baba MimounGroovy Nations (Lille, France)/Don’t Stop Movin’
Banga-Banga (TRZ)Fernando TRZ/TRZ Remixes Volume 2
Owlets – Five Mix Colors/Sketches On The Board
Forever glamTHEO ARNISOUND (Tautavel, France)/Experiment song’s when i sleep
FASTYLEConFusion (France)/Jazzpassaj
Happy Xmas (War Is Over)Guitar Madness/Welcome Everything
Touch the CloudsJazoo (Slovenia)/On Time
Droids (Gonna Rock This Mothership)Intercontinental Music Lab (Cambridge, UK)/Superheroes Of Space
Don’t Stop Movin’ – Groovy Nations (Lille, France)/Don’t Stop Movin’
Alberto Mandis – Sound of water  – Jazz Friends (Italy)/Spring Flowers 2014

Talk to you next Wednesday.
Bridget B.

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