Forget About Hump Day

Leap Frog Turtle StyleMake every Wednesday a #MusicDay!

Who needs hump day when you can fill the day with music that soothes the soul and stimulates the mind? Forget About Hump Day and listen to Voices From The Community with me. Bridget B.. You can use this website to stream any of my podcasts by opening up a blog post, stream previous shows from the main page, subscribe via iTunes, or listen with the MixCloud player that shows up on the Facebook page.

Oh yeah! It’s okay to leave me a comment here on the blog post or wherever you find the show. I’d love to know what you think of the music and especially if you’re a musician who fits into the genre of music that I play. Drop me a note with a link to your music and I’ll check it out.


Voices From The Community with Bridget B. (Download)
WakingNatalie Cressman & Secret Garden (NYC)/Unfolding
Unfolding Into Vastness by Fortadelis – Jazz Friends(Italy)/White Notes
Ростов Дон – Sergo Romario (Russia) /1
Slick Keys – SEQ-Music (Germany, Bonn)/Three Lives
ReminisceDanilo Perez (Panama)/The Journey
Make This City Ours TonightTessa Souter (NYC)/Obsession
All These YearsMaryanne De Prophetis (NYC)/A Glance
Orange Going To Blue – John Shaughnessy (Charlotte)/All That Was Left Behind
Lament For Trees – Cooper-Moore and Assif Tsahar/America
RainBoh – Giorgio Ghiglieri/Insonnia in una notte di fine estate
I’m a Bee – Jet Fish/EP 2014
God-Sauce – The Mind Orchestra (London)/Devoured by the Comfort Zone
AvarehMamak Khadem (Los Angeles)/Live at WFMU on Rob Weisberg’s Show on 10/4/2008
That Kind – Natalie Cressman & Secret Garden/Unfolding
Inside the Hour – Jeffrey Scott Lawrence (JSL)/Blues For Erica
Le reveil du caire – RICSUN/Une vie
Yasnost – Jumbo Jazz/The Art Of Seven
Disco RomanceFhernando (Mexico)/Last Days of Disco: Remixes, B-sides & Raritiess
Panama 2000 – Danilo Perez/The Journey

Talk to you next Wednesday #MusicDay.
Bridget B.

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