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Postcard - Smile by Melvin NixSometimes you come across a smile Just In Time.

It’s been an interesting week to say the least and man-o-man did I  need a pick-me-up. Having photos or a piece of artwork around that someone you care about created allows you to reflect on how it made you feel at the time you first saw it. This one did the trick for me and in case you’re in need, I’ll share it with you.



Voices From The Community with Bridget B. (Download)
9-Eyed Cretan goes to MadridThe Underscore Orkestra (Portland, OR)/A Little Bit of Magic in Every Batch
African Mbira with Percussion – Akashic Records/African
Day RideFlux Bikes (Chicago)/Flux Bikes
Parish Near ThirskYSMHB/Automated Homunculus
I Spy – PapaCarlow (Ireland – Dublin)/PapaCarlow 
Caught sleeping – Jazz Street Trio/Should Have Shut My Mouth
Tanguillo curt master – Quim Ramos/MIUQ
Paris j’ai pris perpèteÉmilie Simon (Paris) /Live on WFMU’s Dark Night of the Soul with Julie – June 19, 2014
Relax – Jazzafari (Lisbon, Portugal)/Jazzafari BeaTape Vol. 1/Jazzafari BeaTape Vol.1
Whistle SongNatalie Cressman & Secret Garden/Unfolding
Sand Storm – Amanda Sedgwick Septet (Stockholm)/Delightness
We CryBJ Block and Dawn Pemberton (Vancouver)/II
Vamos A Tocar SoneroFrank Guerrero (Barranquilla, Colombia)/En Beta 0.1
The Samba for the developer – BFJazz (London)/Musical roads
El is a Sound of Joy Solo – Flux Bikes/Flux Bikes
AfricaYukikaze (France)/Africa
Miralo bienMamá Patxanga (Spain)/Aliwbili
Horas Habiles #1 La Tabù (Holland)/Live
CaxangáLá Eles (Bahia, Brazil) /Infinito
Ventus Solaris Revolution Void (Seattle)/Thread Soul
Travel on the third planet – BFJazz/Musical roads
Miro al cielo Todavía – Xauen, la banda del mono Titi (Vilches, Spain)/En el olivar
Blue Draggish – The Underscore Orkestra ( ) /No Money No Honey All We Got Is Us

Talk to you next Wednesday #MusicDay.
Bridget B.

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