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Not Feeling Great

Out Sick Today Image

It happens! Sometimes the body tells you it’s time to take a break and you gotta listen to it. I do want to leave you with some music that I would be listening to live if one, I didn’t have a show on Wednesday night and two, if I wasn’t Out Sick Today! Matuto Music […]

What’s Your Opinion

Canvas On Wall, Don’t Be Afraid

Has anyone ever asked What’s Your Opinion on one thing or another? More importantly, when asked did you respond or did fear take over. In my younger years, I remember very clearly how I would start to speak up about something and before I could even get a full sentence out, someone would cut me off to […]

It’s Halloween Time

The Great Pumpkin - Hot Air Balloon

We really got into the spirit of Halloween during the KSU Owl-O-Ween Costume Party and Hot Air Balloon Festival this past weekend. Our visit to my alma mater, Kennesaw State University, was filled with great food, aerialists, stilt walkers, witches, pumpkins, owls, zombies, and more. We got the chance to test out the new DSLR […]

Cassettes Are Back

Image of Cassette Player, Cassette & CD

Never in a million years did I think I would need to transfer music from a cassette to a CD. Man-o-man, Cassettes Are Back. Remember when Tyrone from around the block was this wicked cool DJ, or so he thought. He would create a MixTape, drop one off at your spot because he was liking […]

Get Your Treat On

Grim Reaper Melvin Nix's Carved Pumpkin

I really don’t remember the last line of this rhyme so help me out by leaving a comment with what you used to say when you were little. Trick or treat, smell my feet give me something good to eat if you don’t, I don’t care ………. When I looked this up I saw references […]

Pumpkin Pickin’ Time

Carrigan Farms Pumpkin Patch Photo By Bridget B. Sullivan

Love this time of year! We took a quick road trip to Carrigan Farms for a tractor-drawn hayride and some Pumpkin Patch Pickin’ Time this past weekend. You see these two beauties? They were ready to be plucked from the vine and bigger than we thought, but they had a few soft spots so we left […]

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