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I’m LIVE 2-5pm

Wall Decal Photo CLTCRadio

We’re up and running at Charlotte Community Radio (CLTCRadio), a 501c3 non-profit, internet-based radio station, and you can listen to Voices From The Community LIVE from 2pm-5pmEST Monday through Friday. It’s jazz and international music with me, Bridget B. You can stream directly from the CLTCRadio website or join us in chat mode via Enjoy! […]

Making A Move

Travel Bags by Bridget B.

I’m Making A Move to Charlotte Community Radio and will come to you in a LIVE On Air format in just a couple of weeks so enjoy tonight’s show, Valentine’s Day and continue to be kind to each other. The Jazz In And Around Charlotte segment references Kim Waters performance this weekend and details can […]

Happy Belated Birthday

On Air

Voices From The Community turned 3 years old on January 8th and I forgot to celebrate the occasion with you so let’s raise our glasses now. Happy Belated Birthday! In just a few weeks, Voices From The Community will be On Air at Charlotte Community Radio, CLTCRadio, and my transition plan is underway so join […]

Just In Time

Postcard - Smile by Melvin Nix

Sometimes you come across a smile Just In Time. It’s been an interesting week to say the least and man-o-man did I  need a pick-me-up. Having photos or a piece of artwork around that someone you care about created allows you to reflect on how it made you feel at the time you first saw it. […]

Forget About Hump Day

Leap Frog Turtle Style

Make every Wednesday a #MusicDay! Who needs hump day when you can fill the day with music that soothes the soul and stimulates the mind? Forget About Hump Day and listen to Voices From The Community with me. Bridget B.. You can use this website to stream any of my podcasts by opening up a […]

Did You See This

Tomb Warriors - Qin Dynasty (221-210 B.C.) Taken by Bridget B. Sullivan  12-23-2014 at Epcot Center

Every Wednesday, #MusicDay, I post an image to Instagram (@sullybridgetb) reminding everyone that Voices From The Community is ready for your listening pleasure at 8PMEst via The photos that I use in the background, more often than not, come directly from my personal photo gallery. This particular image is of the Tomb Warriors from the […]

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