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Change Is Inevitable

Photo of Rolling Waves

It was 2010 when I moved back to the south making Charlotte my home. Upon arrival, I quickly moved into production mode with Ignite Charlotte and scoured the city for a community based radio station that was serious about the word “community”. Not finding what I was looking for, I launched Voices From The Community […]

Look At All The People

Photo of Mural By Cynvia Authur Rankin

It’s fascinating to see a mural with so many stories jumping out of it. So many parts with a full sense of the whole. Look At All The People in this one, a depiction of Salisbury, North Carolina circa 1900, by Cynvia Authur Rankin. Look at how each part or section that your eyes pass by […]

Share The Show

Share Music

If you enjoy listening to Voices From The Community with me, Bridget B., do me a favor and Share The Show with others. If you want to leave me a comment or send me an email, please feel free. Enjoy! Voices From The Community with Bridget B. (Download) Playlist: Track 02 – Tchakare Kanyembe/Live at […]

2 Years Old

2 Years Old

Voices From The Community is 2 Years Old. Wow! Once upon a time there was a girl named Bridget. She grew up playing various instruments, singing in the choir as an alto, dancing to show tunes and she was fortunate enough to travel the world. During her travels, Bridget discovered the wealth of music coming […]

Somewhere There’s Music

Somewhere There’s Music

Living in Uptown Charlotte truly has its benefits. No matter where you go, Somewhere There’s Music. After getting my hair done last month, I snapped this photo and didn’t even realize that it was connected to the Cajun Queen Restaurant on 7th Street in Elizabeth. I’m told the food is good. Worst part of this story […]

Full Steam Ahead

Full Steam Ahead

Welcome to all the new subscribers and thank you to all who have listened to the show thus far. Voices From The Community has been chugging along at a steady pace for more than a year and now it’s time to move Full Steam Ahead with phase two. If you missed it, phase one brought […]

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