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Just In Time

Postcard - Smile by Melvin Nix

Sometimes you come across a smile Just In Time. It’s been an interesting week to say the least and man-o-man did I  need a pick-me-up. Having photos or a piece of artwork around that someone you care about created allows you to reflect on how it made you feel at the time you first saw it. […]

Great To Be Back

Cassette Tape photo of Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. Berthold Auerbach

Yes indeed! Yes indeed! That’s why it feels so good to be back behind the mic delivering up two hours of jazz and international music here on Voices From The Community. It was time to get rid of some dust that was one, making me sneeze and two, getting too heavy to wear. Life is […]

Beat The Drum

A Matsuriza Taiko Drummer

Beat The Drum to celebrate, inspire excitement or to mark the edge of a villages territory. There’s an African drum called The Djembe used ceremonial and it dates back to 500 A.D.. The Taiko drum, believed to be introduced between 300-900 CE, was considered a practical tool with military use that included coded messages sent over […]

Hunting For Pecans

Hunting For Pecans

This little fella is Hunting For Pecans and he’s just like you or me, we all look for places where we can let our minds run free. There’s so much to tell you about this latest acrylic piece by Melvin Nix, but I’m waiting until he tells the full story of what inspired him to […]

Where In Charlotte

Where In Charlotte

Try forming your lips to say there are no places in Charlotte, North Carolina to go for good jazz music. Go ahead. Try it! Impossible! If you really want to know about Jazz In And Around Charlotte, be sure to listen to Voices From The Community every Wednesday for information like this: The Usual Suspects include: Blue Restaurant, […]

Great Things Ahead

Great Things Ahead

Every morning, the first thoughts that enter my mind are ways to make a difference. I always ask myself: How can I create something that people will enjoy and learn from? How can anyone bring about change with all the problems that constantly surround us from sun up to sun down? How can we put […]

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