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Change Is Inevitable

Photo of Rolling Waves

It was 2010 when I moved back to the south making Charlotte my home. Upon arrival, I quickly moved into production mode with Ignite Charlotte and scoured the city for a community based radio station that was serious about the word “community”. Not finding what I was looking for, I launched Voices From The Community […]

Did You See This

Tomb Warriors - Qin Dynasty (221-210 B.C.) Taken by Bridget B. Sullivan  12-23-2014 at Epcot Center

Every Wednesday, #MusicDay, I post an image to Instagram (@sullybridgetb) reminding everyone that Voices From The Community is ready for your listening pleasure at 8PMEst via The photos that I use in the background, more often than not, come directly from my personal photo gallery. This particular image is of the Tomb Warriors from the […]

Look Who’s Back

Bridget B December Cruise Photo

It’s me, Bridget B.! I’m back from our honeymoon cruise, a magnificent holiday break and the best start to a new year ever. I’m super excited to be back on Voices From The Community delivering up two hours of jazz and international music on #MusicDay Wednesdays. Before I get too far into this post, HAPPY NEW YEAR […]

Time For A Facelift

Website Facelift Image

I’ve been thinking about a new look for quite some time and now that my Spotlight Series has been launched, I’m thinkin’ it’s Time For A Facelift. Stay tuned and be sure to bookmark the url for Voices From The Community. It’s a dot co don’tcha know. Enjoy! P.S. I’ll be back tomorrow to update […]

In The Spotlight Returns

In The Spotlight Interview Series

Looks like I’m getting ready to make even more magic happen with a rework of my long ago blog series, In The Spotlight. I’m re-launching this series in audio form and I’m soooo ready to produce interviews with local, regional and international musicians who fit my current programming of jazz and international music. The first […]

One Of Those

Photo of Koala Bear

He or she is cute and all, but that photo basically depicts the feeling I had today. It was just One Of Those days! I do have a remedy for these kinds of things if you’re interested. Oh, you are? Great! Grab your favorite beverage, a mobile device, headphones, and a lawn chair. Google search […]

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