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Just In Time

Postcard - Smile by Melvin Nix

Sometimes you come across a smile Just In Time. It’s been an interesting week to say the least and man-o-man did I  need a pick-me-up. Having photos or a piece of artwork around that someone you care about created allows you to reflect on how it made you feel at the time you first saw it. […]

Tenya Colemon In The Spotlight

Photo of Tenya Colemon Singing

Tonight’s show kicks off the Voices From The Community Spotlight Series and the first spotlight artist is jazz vocalist Tenya Colemon. When you listen to the interview, you’ll hear Tenya mention persistence multiple times, more specifically here’s the advice she would give her younger self. “Be more persistent because persistence gets you even further than talent […]

Collaboration Is Key

Collaboration Is Key

All week long I’ve been reading these words Collaboration Is Key. After exploring this topic with others, we all agreed how vitally important it is to adopt this way of thinking. Take a look at this excerpt from The Power of Collaboration, a blog post that I found on Coffee Bean Technology, that conveys how productive we could […]

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